Years of Experience

About Us

Journeymen Ticket – Certified Alberta Builder
Red Seal Ticket – Recognized and have excelled nationally, building anywhere in Canada

Our History

“I started Builders Genius because I wanted to put my passion of carpentry into the field with a crew of employees that I could count on. Another reason I wanted to start my own company was that I have experience and expertise in just about every aspect of construction. I wanted to be able to supply that with my own company. For the past several years, I’ve enjoyed working with customers on different projects and be able to come out with a beautiful product. With me being on my own, I’ve also loved being able to put all my resources into play and to be able to have pride and joy in everything I have completed.”

Our Vision

Our vision for Builders Genius is to provide a good working relationship with customers and to put a smile on their faces each and every day. Our vision is to help the local community make their building goals a reality, no matter what project they need,  with exceptional customer satisfaction.